The core of the 1X Series exists of a rugged and cord reinforced rubber auger. Once in action, this rubber auger clears the path down to ground. Thanks to its Ergo-handle with remote control for the chute channel, a  working light and even an Electric Start, this small power pack delivers highest comfort in a compact design.


  • Voor lichte sneeuwval
  • Beschadigt de ondergrond niet
  • Ideaal voor paden


The 2X Series removes snow with a 2-stage system. At first stage, several "X-treme" segments, at right angle to the drive direction bite their way even through harsh and packed snow and pull it into the auger housing. The second stage is a fast rotating impeller which powerfully throws the snow far away through the chute channel.


  • Voor middelzware tot zware sneeuwval
  • Snel en efficiënt ruimen van sneeuw
  • Ideaal voor brede wandelpaden, parkeerterreinen, enz.


The new revolutionary 3X-Series with 3-stage technology. At first stage two X-treme segments in the outer part of the auger housing are pushing the snow to the center, where at second stage a central X-treme Segment drills through the snow and pushes it to the third stage, the impeller, which powerfully throws the snow through the chute channel far away into the choosen direction.


  • Voor hevige of extreme sneeuwval
  • Krachtig en tijdbesparend sneeuwruimen
  • Ideaal om snel grote oppervlakten met sneeuw te ruimen