TechPulse | XR5 1000

The Belgian Tech platform awarded the Cub Cadet XR5 1000 with a  top score of 8/10:

Whatever type of garden you have, the Cub Cadet XR5 may well be the perfect solution for you. Smooth edge mowing capacity. Easily manage and track it in the mobile app. Just set your favourite mowing schedule and you should no longer worry about it.

Link to review: Cub Cadet XR5 (1000) review: een mooi gazon? - TechPulse

Robot mower XR5 2000 | World Garden Awards

The Cub Cadet XR5 2000 has won the WORLD GARDEN AWARD in the robotic lawnmower category.

It particularly impressed the jury in the categories Innovation | Product Quality | Price/Performance.

The WORLD GARDEN AWARDS are presented once a year. A jury of experts honors products that stand out from the competition thanks to new ideas or technologies, precise and durable workmanship and the use of high-quality materials, or an outstanding relationship between acquisition costs and utility value.

Robot mower XR5 1000 "Best in test"

The leading French monthly Home renovation & DIY magazine “SYSTÈME D” (, Arnault Disdero + Christian Raffaud), with a reach of almost 1 mio readers did a comparative test of 6 robots. XR5 1000 is best-in-test with a score of 8.4/10. Good ease of use and good speed of execution on all terrains are the main key points highlighted to reach this result.

Trimmer LH5 T60 Best-Premium-Choice

The Cub Cadet LH5 T60 is for those looking for a powerful and versatile lawn trimmer with high build quality and a thoughtful design. Great performance, time efficient, versatile and user-friendly design, ergonomic!

Snow Throwers X3-Series

In 2013, yet another one of our innovative products received the Plus X Award “Product of the Year”: our revolutionary 3-stage snow thrower. The award once again confirmed our research and development competence.

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GTX 2100 – Lawn tractor of the year 2012





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